M&M’s Geico Gecko and Camel Commercial

M&M’s Geico Gecko and Camel Commercial
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March 5, 2014


The brown M&M, Ms. Brown, talks to the Geico Gecko about getting insurance. “Yes I understand the fact that being made out of delicious chocolate makes me high risk for insurance companies. But I still believe I deserve coverage. And further more, I have been here for 15 minutes, which means, you know.” The Geico Gecko replies “Um, Geico only insures human. Insuring a delicious piece of chocolate, I’d lose my job for that. And then what would I do?” The M&M leaves his office and gets out of the elevator where the Geico Camel, Caleb, see’s her “Woot Woot! Guess what day it is!” The M&M replies “Save it hump boy.”

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2 User Reviews

  • Sigrid says:

    I think it’s funny but the gecko sounds like he’s gagging when he says the word “”chocolate.” It nauseates my ears. I turn the channel if I can catch it in time.

  • El Warpismo says:

    I think GEICO commercials are the cancer of advertising. This one continues the death/decay. These ads are starting to make Idiocracy look like a prophets warning.