Motorola Moto X Lazy Phone School Play Commercial

Motorola Moto X Lazy Phone School Play Commercial
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Megan and Megan’s Smartphone, played by T.J. Miller, are with the family at a school play and her sons big part is coming up. She taps her smartphone “There he is, come on get ready.” Megan’s smartphone wakes and asks “Is it over?” Megan explains “It’s his big part, take a pic.” Her smartphone asks for the password. Megan dials in 4205. T.J. Miller shakes around “Nope.” She tries 4250. “Alright let me find my camera.” Megan whispers “Hurry up he’s almost done with his part.” Her smartphone replies “Oh don’t worry, I’ll fix it” and screams “Go back to the beginning!” disrupting her sons concentration for a second. Megan’s daughter takes out her cell phone, does a twist maneuver and takes the pic. T.J. Miller has missed the moment, but the daughter has saved the day, “Mom, I got it.” Megan’s smartphone, a little jealous, a little angry, says “What?? You know she’s been going out with that boy Derrick on the weekends?” childishly tattling on her.


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  1. Randall Pope October 26, 2013 5:35 am  Reply

    Horrible. Anyone not reading the caption sees this as another lazy, stupid dad commercial. I mean…where is dad in the commercial?

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