Netflix Christmas Tree Topper Commercial

Netflix Christmas Tree Topper Commercial
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December 21, 2013


The McDermit family chooses a Christmas Tree Topper which tells its story of the many Christmas’s it has spent with them. Narrated by Lorraine Bracco from the movie Goodfellas “I didn’t choose to be part of the McDermit family. They chose me. 34 Christmas’s now and let me tell ya it hasn’t all been sugar and spice. There were times I didn’t think I would survive. Like the year the kids found dads old bowling ball in the attic. Or, when Aunt Ruthy burnt the yams. I’m telling ya I’ve seen it all. Even Uncle Luther and his fake snow. Sure they’re loud, and sometimes they’re a little wild. But when the McDermits get together to watch something on Netflix I gotta say it makes me smile. Then again it’s kind of painted on my face.”

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4 User Reviews

  • Lisa says:

    I would buy the McDermott Christmas angel tree topper also! I would be first in line!

  • Kathryn Hamm says:

    Please tell us where we can buy the Netflix Angel .

  • Linda Randolph says:

    I want to buy that tree topper too!

  • Mrs Keck says:

    I would love to buy a tree topper just like the angel that was used in the commercial for netflex.Next year they should make Christmas angel to sell and call it the netflex angel.I would be the first one to buy.Oh! next year I hope Netflex will use the word Christmas not holiday.You do know that Christmas is a national holiday.Sham on all the the companys this year that did not show that to our children.