Old Spice Coach’s Alien Abduction Story Commercial

Old Spice Coach’s Alien Abduction Story Commercial
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Posted By: MarketMeNot | September 5, 2013
Old Spice Coach's Alien Abduction Story Commercial

“The ultimate freshness is your winning play. It’ll give you the strength to make it all the way. Nobody wants to hear this story again.” A coach is standing at a whiteboard drawing something while his football team, the patriots, is sitting around him, smelling a bar of deodorant. Finally we see that the couch is illustrating a story where he is abducted by aliens. We see the coach draw a line labeled “Me” to a man laying on a table being examined by two aliens. The team shakes their head, not wanting to hear this story again, as if the coach keeps telling it to them over and over again.

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