Old Spice Meeting Hair Commercial

Old Spice Meeting Hair Commercial
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January 27, 2014


A man is in an office meeting listening to the boss go on about updates to their product. The man looks across the table where he catches a woman giving him glances. The mans hair comes to life and crawls down from his head and across the table over to the woman. The woman giggles and gives the animated hair her phone number. The hair then crawls back over to the man and gives him the number. The hair crawls back onto the mans head and the man puts the number in his jacket pocket. The number given to the man is 866-617-4247.

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3 User Reviews

  • tangee says:

    Lol!!! how did you get the hair wig to move like that? That something I need for my niece when she’s bad lol!! But anyway love the commercial:)

  • Vinayak Malhotra says:

    LOL man, I’m gonna call this STUNNING woman.

  • raya levin says:

    Worst commercial ever. I seriously thought this featured a giant furry tarantula the first time I saw it….