Old Spice Momsong Commercial

Old Spice Momsong Commercial
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January 3, 2014


Mothers get together and sing about how Old Spice products have made their sons into men, stealing them away. One mother hides behind a door, then follows her son and new girlfriend as they walk in the park. Another holds on to the back of her sons car in a laundry basket as he drives down the road. Other mothers watch as their sons become men at school while eating lunch. Even more moms spy on their sons while they are at the beach. Finally the mother from the beginning slides out of the cushions of a sofa and slides across the floor onto another couch, defeated.

Lyrics: “Oh I didn’t see it coming, but it came in a can. Now my sweet son’s sprayed into a man. Mine too and hey we know just who to blame. When our sons have fun with women and misbehave. Old Spice! Old Spice sprayed a man of my son. Now he’s kissing all the women and his chores aren’t done. He was just my little sweetie, tiny fingers hands and feeties. Now he’s touching kissing feeling all the women because Old Spice sprayed a man of my son now he smells like a man and they treat him like one.”

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41 User Reviews

  • GrandmaHelen says:

    The guys at my work steered me to these commercials because they know what type of grandmother I am – just like the moms in the commercial – and dang proud if it! LOL!

  • sandra mcclennon says:

    Those mom commercials are hideous and eerie and so not old spice related. I have a hard time getting into the commercial for moms oozing out of ridiculous spaces. They sliver like slimy creatures. Your best commercial ever is the man who gets ya to compare himself to your man.

  • Wayne says:


  • Lulu Cooper says:

    This is the best commercial! Funniest! Especially since I have a son

  • P Wales says:

    Love it! Especially the music! (Yes, they shoulda saved it for the Super Bowl. I keep looking for it on TV, and I HATE commercials… except this one!

  • mandaroo05 says:

    This commerical makes our entire family laugh…we have all watched it many times (and now my 5 year old son sings the song). if you find it creepy and weird and will stop buying this product because of this commercial, then you are DEFINITELY taking life way too seriously!

  • Lucene says:

    Amazingly weird and catchy, and funny! I wish I could find out more info about those women though. I thought it was an excellent choice to keep them dowdy.

  • Brittany B. says:

    These people should write for Saturday Night Live. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched this video and forwarded it.

  • Scarlette says:

    Thought it the best old spice commercial so far, and I LOVE all of them. Awesome! :-D

  • Riggo says:

    Yes. Definitely creepy and weird. Barely funny. Mom is voyeur and son is way too sexy to need Old Spice. More of a Calvin Klein dude.

  • TVAnnie says:


  • Pam Shipman says:

    I am a grandmother and laughed til I cried over this one…. my daughter, who just turned 30 also found it hilarious! I think people who find it creepy clearly are taking life way too seriously … ever heard of theatre of the absurd?

  • James T says:

    Stupid as they come!

  • Beth Horowitz says:

    Great commercial, however why did they cast the dowdiest, horribly dressed, unattractive, looking moms. The commercial would have been much better if they had more current looking mothers.

  • vanity says:

    Love it !!!!! Love it !!!!! Absolutely Funny…

  • Paula Killen says:

    This is the best commercial ever!!

  • Brinkley says:

    Very Funny. Creepy is good, because it makes you remember the product!

  • Jeanette Summersmar says:

    Just plain lame, stupid and one of the worst ads my husband and I have seen in awhile! Whoever is the marketing company on this should be fired! There are SO many ads out that insult our intelligence. Give us some credit!

    • coomes says:

      When Old Spice changed their marketing approach by creating these crazy ridiculous commercials, sales immediately soared by 107%. It’s a company that continues to gain popularity largely because of the way they market. Their marketing company should be fired? You’re insulting your own intelligence.

    • Kirk Jordan says:

      This is one of the three funniest commercials in the history of the world. And I am a smart man.

  • a mom of 2 sons says:

    i guess if you don’t have sons you don’t enjoy it. i have 2 sons and 5 grandsons i find it hysterical and very close to my “creepy” mind..hahaha..keep them coming old spice. love it

  • Gina highes says:

    Well, it is definitely getting a reaction which is one goal- however it will result in me purchasing other than old spice basic bath products ie body wash. Just a really horrible commercial that goes beyond poor taste – stereotypes of any other color or persuasion wouldn’t be tolerated

  • VeJeBo says:

    Absolutely GENIUS!! This video is creepy, hilarious, right on….GENIUS!!

  • Kathryn says:

    I ‘m a mom with a 21 year old son who wears Old Spice and I thought it was hilarious! Anyone who thinks it is creepy is taking life too seriously!

  • Ghia says:

    This is so creepy and really. Stupid”

  • carol says:

    My husband says that commercial is about me! I love it! As the mom of two boys, I relate to to all moms of young men. This is so funny!!

  • Linda says:

    Creepy and weird. Creative? Not at all.

  • Peter Boyer says:

    Repulsive, sad, and not at all funny. I have used Old Spice deodorant for decades. I will now look for a different deodorant.

  • AEU says:

    That was a horrible commercial. It was totally creepy and not at all funny. PULL IT!

  • DeDe says:

    Sorry, just creepy and stupid :(

  • kc127Kim says:

    I LOVE this commercial. Saw it during the Bengals/Chargers game and had to find it online to share it. Hilariously bizarre….or is it bizarrely hilarious?

  • godawful says:

    smell come to manhood?? really???????

  • Corrine Puliafico says:

    Awful. I can’t imagine what they are saving for the super bowl.

  • Tim and Stephanie says:

    My husband and I saw it and were blown away by the creativity and humor – you nailed it.

  • cin says:


  • RALPH says:

    WOW! What a great job by somebody with almost Broadway cred. Congratulations to the person/team who came up with this one. A former music teacher, cabaret and off-off- Broadway performer who is a real Broadway buff, my Wife said she “loved it”. I had called in to where I was watching the football playoff game to view it. It is now bookmarked from here.

  • Queen says:

    I have a son soon to be be 18 a senior in high & preparing for college & this commercial is sooooo me!

  • Kele says:

    Such a funny one, I’m trying to pass it on to my son. Made me laugh, that I want to make his day!

  • losernomore says:

    Funniest commercial I’ve seen in months! Maybe shoulda saved this for the Super Bowl!