OREO Wonderfilled Anthem Owl City Commercial

OREO Wonderfilled Anthem Owl City Commercial
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OREO Cookies launches it’s Wonderfilled Campaign with the Wonderfilled Anthem done by Owl City. Animated to fit the Owl City song, this cartoon has an epic sense of child-like wonderment and imagination. Some scenes include the big bad wolf and the three pigs hanging out being friends, a vampire given an OREO Cookie turning him into a nice, law-abiding citizen, and a great white shark sharing his OREO’s with baby seals and a giant squid.

Lyrics: ” Wonder if I gave an OREO to the big bad wolf, how would the story go? Would he still go huff and puff or would he bring those pigs cool stuff to decorate the deck he helped them build. Would they not get killed? Wonder if I gave an OREO to a vampire in a creepy show. Would he not act so undead? Would he thirst for milk instead? I’ve just got this feeling that it might work out alright. Cause cream does wondrous things inside a chocolate sandwich dream. If I gave ‘em to great white sharks would they share ‘em with baby seals? Would they call up a giant squid for a friendly meal? Wonder if I gave an OREO, wonder if I gave an OREO, what if I gave an OREO to you? “

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