Quiznos Floasted Subs Commercial

Quiznos Floasted Subs Commercial
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September 17, 2013


A man and a woman are sitting down in a Quiznos restaurant eating toasted sub sandwiches. The woman says “Mmm, love Quiznos Floasted Subs.” The man tries to correct her “You mean, toasted?” The woman explains “No, I mean floasted. They toast it to bring out the subs awesome flavors. So, flavor, toasted, floasted. It’s my genius new catchphrase.” Her sense of smug satisfaction is “floasted” all over her face. The man halfheartedly agrees “Yea… no…” when two guys sitting behind them start talking to each other “Mmm, this is so…” and the other guy finishes his sentence “…floasted.” His friend, in amazement that he thought of the perfect word to describe his sub responds “Exactly!” The original couple that were talking about the floasted catchphrase just stare at each other, the woman giving a “I told ya so” look to the man.

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8 User Reviews

  • Chris muthaf*****' Cox says:

    I hear this crap and immediately know that someone is trying to shine a turd with spit.

  • meloddic says:

    The girl looks like moes companion mary, on storage wars texas. I would never eat at quiznos because a friend had a mouse hide camouflaged in his roastbeef. You cdnt pay me to eat any kind of meat from there.

  • Teddy says:

    This is one of the worst on the air. Embarrassingly bad. Not just the lame script… That was obviously written by old white men trying to sound hip.. But the awful girl. She is horrible all the way from her obnoxious voice to her jacked up bushy eyebrows. Yuck. For Christ sake.

    • Dozer says:

      I’d go so far as to say old gay white men since they seem more aligned with the trendy ‘girls are naturally super duper awesome no matter what they say or do’ fallacy.

  • Jim says:

    What a completely annoying, unappealing young woman and commercial. To invoke Mr. T, I pity the poor fool who would ever have to dine (or work) with someone this insufferable.

  • Rex says:

    Agreed. A pathetic attempt to convey some misguided notion that the “modern progressive feminist” can make up slang. Except of course that combining two words doesn’t create slang. It creates baby-talk. I will never support this worthless business.

  • joe says:

    Yes! “Floasted” is exactly what I want to hear when I order my food. It sounds so…delicious – “oh, my god, this over-priced sandwich is so floasty!!! What a bunch of b.s. Total morons. All of them. Can’twait for then next fail. How about…well, i just can’t beat “floasted” that’s gold…colored lead.