Rent-A-Center Naked Credit Check Commercial

Rent-A-Center Naked Credit Check Commercial
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July 31, 2013


A husband and wife stroll into a Rent-A-Center fully naked, talking to each other about the credit check they just went through over at another store. The wife says “If I had known there was going to be a credit check I would have gone on a diet.” They reach the counter and a Rent-A-Center sales rep is there to great them. “Welcome to Rent-A-Center. Let me guess, you two have went through a credit check.” The husband replies “Yea, full check.” As he raises his hands to do finger quotes, then quickly puts them back down realizing he’s exposed himself. The wife goes on to say “They saw it all. Even his little overdraft.” The husband looks at her with a why-did-you-tell-him-that look on his face. The sales tries to put them at ease “Well, you can relax, because here at Rent-A-Center you can get anything you want in the store without a credit check, so you don’t feel so… exposed.” They all stand around and laugh, when another customer laying on a couch, fully naked, interrupts “Hello? Does this come in taupe?” pointing at the couch he’s laying naked on.

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6 User Reviews

  • Matt Ramsey says:

    I think it shows how at ease our society is with woman mildly humiliating their husbands (his small overdraft), it does catch your attention and makes you remember Rent A Center. I guess it may appeal to their demographics.

  • Suzie says:

    You people need to go out and find a since of humor. This commercial was funny!

  • amymcgovern says:

    WHY??? They should be fined!

  • Buggy says:

    Most disgusting commercial I’ve seen in… well, ever. I would not set foot in a RAC after seeing this commercial. Who would want to rent something that a big, hairy naked guy has been rolling around on? Gag.

  • Ellie Meisinger says:

    The “Are you checking me out?” is uncalled for. Every time I see this commercial I tell my husband how gross it is. You don’t need nudity to promote your business. Whoever approved this commercial was way out of line.

  • Renea says:

    The Rent A Center commercial “Are You Checking Me Out?” was kind of funny. But, I think with anything, you can go too far, and Rent-A-Center went too far with the naked people.