Ruffles Ultimate Tangy Honey Mustard – The Ruffles Cup Commercial

Ruffles Ultimate Tangy Honey Mustard – The Ruffles Cup Commercial
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May 8, 2013


No one hungers for victory more than Ruff McThinkridge and his sidekick Bo Dato. They have joined the Ruffles Cup, and will do anything to win. Luckily, Ruff is driving Honey Mustard! He actually has a mustard gun that hides behind the license plate of the car that shoots Honey Mustard on the track. It hits a racer behind him in the face, and he goes off of a cliff yelling “It’s Deliciooouuuuussssss!” And who could forget Bomb Defusing Sloth! Though, he is a little sleepy… Ruffles Ultimate presents “Tangy Honey Mustard”

What a great commercial. Bomb Defusing Sloth! What?! He’s the best! Though, I probably wouldn’t want him defusing a bomb near me… Anyway, all around a pretty good commercial. I wonder why they didn’t give the girl a name though. I mean, it was kind of all about the “cast” of Tangy Honey Mustard and the Ruffles Cup. They named off Ruff McThinkridge and his sidekick Bo Dato. Why not the woman? Maybe she just isn’t a real part of the team. Other than the Bomb Defusing Sloth, my favorite part is definitely the man who gets mustard on his face, tastes it, and drives off of a cliff screaming “It’s Delicious!” Very funny commercial. I also liked the old 80’s / 70’s movie theme it portrayed. Seems like a lot of commercials are using this theme though. I mean, it is a fun way to make a commercial, I just hope it doesn’t get too played out too quickly.


  • Awesome¬†characters! All the characters in this commercial are pretty awesome. As I’ve already said, Bomb Defusing Sloth is my favorite! They all have pretty unrealistically awesome names too. Ruff McThinkridge, Bo Dato… So corny that it’s amazing! They also did a great job of casting each role.
  • Look and feel. The old 80’s / 70’s theme really worked out here. It was very entertaining and I personally can’t wait for a second installment!
  • Funny concept. The Ruffles Cup in a movie named Tangy Honey Mustard? I’d probably still watch it.


  • Who is the woman? That’s really all I can gripe about this commercial. I wanted her to have a name like the other guys. Not a huge con, just saying it would have been nice. *Correction, the woman DOES have a name, and it’s Mora Crunchy. Thank you Evan for pointing that out to us. Now, this commercial has no cons, and I’m pretty happy about that.

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5 User Reviews

  • Minnie Haha says:

    I would have been tempted to try these chips EXCEPT that the commercial is so stupid and such a turn off that I would not want to encourage WHOEVER hired the ad agency to use them again! An insult to consumer intelligence!

    • El Warpismo says:

      I think you not realizing it is a parody of old action B-films is an insult to consumer intelligence. It was original and fun.

  • Amelia says:

    Please don’t take the tangy honey mustard off the market I liked the lays and can’t find them anywhere so please leave these on the store shelves. PLEASE

  • Evan says:

    Hi, I actually worked on this commercial. Thanks for your kind words. Just want to make sure you know that the woman does have a name, it’s Mora Crunchy and she’s a total badass. You can see her little intro in the extended 60 second version here:

    • MarketMeNot says:

      Hey Evan, Awesome! You did some good work :) Really enjoyed it. Good to know about the woman, Mora Crunchy, too. Can’t believe I’ve never seen that version before! Keep up the good work my man.