Skittles Cloud Pet The Rainbow Commercial

Skittles Cloud Pet The Rainbow Commercial
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March 17, 2014


An old lady walks her pet Skittles Cloud down the sidewalk. She stops the cloud “Come on that’s enough. That’s a good cloud. There you go.” The old lady pets the cloud and Skittles coming pouring, or raining, out of it onto the sidewalk. She picks some up and eats them. A young man walks up to her and her cloud “Hey little lady, can I pet your cloud please?” The old lady agrees “Mmm ok.” The kid pets the cloud “Oh it’s so soft and fluffy.” The cloud gets angry and turns into a storm cloud. “Whoa, easy.” The cloud zaps the kid with a bolt of lightning. The old lady explains “He doesn’t like to be touched there. Well, let’s go home Freddy.” The old lady takes Freddy the Skittles Cloud home. “Pet the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.”

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