Skittles French The Rainbow Commercial

Skittles French The Rainbow Commercial
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September 4, 2013


Two girls are hanging out at a go kart track when one of them notices Louis. “Louis never smiles.” The other girl, played by Laura Spencer, looks over at Louis “Why won’t he smile.” Louis sees the girl walking over to him to see why he never smiles and looks away nervously. The girl gets behind Louis and tickles the back of his neck. He giggles and turns towards her, accidentally showing her that he has Skittles for teeth which he has been trying to hide by not smiling. The girl sees his Skittles Grin and almost looks disgusted, making Louis’ smile disappear rather quickly. The girl puts both hands around Louis’ head and aggressively makes out with Louis. When she is done she pulls away and Louis couldn’t be happier. But now, most of his Skittles Teeth are missing, stolen by the girl that was making out with him. The girl chews away at the Skittles that were once embedded in the boys mouth. French the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow.

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  • Blw says:

    A commercial that blatantly uses sex to sell candy to kids. Like kids that age need MORE encouragement to ‘experiment’-which they are already doing.

    Not to mention the dental health issues this commercial ignores. I bet many dental professionals do not like this commercial, where every tooth is a piece of candy.

    I think this commercial is in very poor taste and I am not buying skittles this Halloween or ever.

  • Don says:

    Sigh! More first world problems, huh? How rough life must be to have to watch a commercial such as this, that so deeply offends your precious sensibilities. Mmmmmuuuaaahhh!! Skittles! French The Rainbow!!!

  • Mits says:

    This commercial grosses me out! The thought of her eating his skiddles teeth is what makes me gag! Yuck, I have to look away. The kiss?! C’mon, at their age we too were kissing! Gotta mention the commercial where the girl picks the skiddle from the dweebs face and eats it…. Ughhhhhhhh! These commercials do not make you crave Skiddles. So gross!

  • ThatGuy says:

    The reason this ad is creepy isn’t because two teens kiss, even if you think it is a little “rapey”. Look up “rainbow kiss” in Urban Dictionary and you’ll know why I’m grossed out.

  • mimi says:

    I think the commercial is gross. I don’t see the significance in changing the slogan from french the rainbow to kiss the rainbow. It’s still gross.

  • Reddit RshoT says:

    ITT: People not understanding why this is a gross commercial.

    In order to avoid further confusion from the masses I will explain what is wrong with this advertisement. The general opinion I have read from this site is that kissing is not disgusting and is very normal. That has absolutely nothing to do with this ad, or the reason why the other half of the comments are saying this ad is disgusting. The reason this ad is disgusting is due to the fact that the boy has skittles for teeth, and then the girl proceeds to remove the teeth from the boys mouth and then eats them (implied). The act of eating someones teeth is repulsive to the average human and is considered taboo in almost every culture (there are probably some small tribes that find eating teeth a delicacy or spiritual). That being said, even though the teeth are made of skittles (delicious) it is implied that the boys teeth are skittles, therefore, the girl is not only eating teeth, but also all of the bacteria and tooth decay that would be on said teeth. I hope this clears things up because reading these comments was fairly obnoxious.

  • Dave says:

    Cute commercial. everone that says its gross is probably an uptight never got kissed old hag or the boy that never got kissed by a girl cuz you were an outcast. It’s a commercial idiots!

  • Jules says:

    Creepy. Stealing someone’s teeth and eating them is just creepy. Yes, I do know it’s not real, and it’s supposed to be funny…but it’s not. Nothing against kissing, nothing against teenagers, nothing against Skittles (other than to question the judgment of the marketing staff).

  • zoie says:

    Love this commercial!! Can’t believe some people find kissing gross.. and too sexual?! Oh please, im sure you have done more nasty things youself, where do you think your children come from?

  • Wonderful says:

    I never imagined that there were people in this world that thought kissing was *bad*, *gross*, etc. That’s sad. Kissing is wonderful.
    Is the boy in this commercial being hurt? Or is he enjoying being alive? Kissing is wonderful.
    Is the girl in this commercial being hurt? Or is she enjoying being alive? Kissing is wonderful.
    Kissing isn’t necessarily “sexual,” but yes, it can be that too. And when it is, does that mean there is something *bad* suddenly? No, there is nothing wrong, shameful, etc with sex between consenting adults.
    As a parent, maybe you don’t want your kids physically having sex until they are adults, but do you want your kids to be completely asexual in all respects until then? Do you want your kids to be? That is improper, irrational, unrealistic, and unhealthy. Humans ARE sexual. We don’t just act sexual, but we ARE sexual. Our ENTIRE lives. It’s WHY and HOW we are all even here, having this discussion. HUMANITY = SEXUALITY.
    All your sterilizing comments really dishearten me. We have lost our humanity by either perversion, vilification, or negation of what is true and beautiful. I feel shame and pity, not for the commercial, not for kissing, not for sex, not for humanity, but for your views. I am sad now.
    My wish: I hope someone kisses you today. Passionately and deeply. Every day. For the rest of your life. Thus, if you think kissing is wonderful, then you will be blessed with it every day. If you think kissing is wrong, then you will be punished with it every day.
    Justice is served.

  • AmericanPussificationDetector says:

    The day I say something in a TV commercial “offends” me, put a bullet in my head. Until then, think more about this Skittles commercial and how “disgusting” it is the next time you go down on your spouse.

  • j.d says:

    Just a dumb commercial. Tasteless.

  • Jack says:

    Unbelievable. In an age where governments are sending their young people off to war, corporate interests are using young children as de facto slave labor in off shore factories, and environmental degradation is accelerating at an alarming rate, you’re offended by two teens kissing?

  • H.D.A says:

    I’m wondering how misinformed the children of these posters are..
    “Where do babies come from?”
    Why dear they come in cute little cans..

  • SkiTTlez4Life says:

    In this day and age, what should one expect ? I’d rather my young child see the commercial and ask me about it than grow up knowing that every few months another state in the union is allowing gay marriage.
    Think about it,, 15 states already allow it. That leaves 35 more to possibly follow. A child today of age 5, by the time they reach 40, the entire union will be one happy gay union. i’d rather my child grow up in a world of normalcy where french kissing is not considered taboo and offensive as is gay marriage.
    the way things are in this crazy world, it may happen before that child even turns 40, that gay marriage is the norm. All you whiners need to get a life and accept the things that are,and not what they appear to be..

  • bob f says:

    Wow. What a bunch of tight-azzed, crabby pants prudes. Have your children never seen anyone kiss in real life? Do you not kiss your wife and/or husband in front of your children?? It is a kiss, between two teens. Calm down. It is funny how violence is acceptable at all levels, but as soon as someone expresses love or sexuality, all the prudes get their panties in a bunch.

  • Farva says:

    I find it offensive that you people are so offended. Im going to start a campaign against offended people. I will call it People Offended by Offended People, or P.O.O.P. Sign my petition at!

  • Dave says:

    I am soooooo buying more skittles for this sole purpose

  • Ken Malinowski says:

    I wrote the company directly awhile back. As the father of three young daughters, I found it offensive to market to kids that way. I’m glad they changed the commercial, though the action is still there.

    • Daniel Talago says:

      Your teen years must have been pretty dull. Your first kiss must have been repugnant. If you put them in a box now, they will be spanking the floor at a strip club in a few years.

    • gammaNecrosis says:

      Sir, I do not seek to offend. But I can say one thing. From a silly little commercial that you can easily turn off, you are offended quite easily, almost to the point of ridicule.

  • formangirl says:

    Just saw the commercial again this morning…seems they have changed it! Now it says “Kiss the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow”……a bit better even though the innuendo is still there!

  • michele says:

    loosen your a******s, people… Just calm down.

  • Mia says:

    this is hilarious, man.

  • mom2ocz says:

    Wow. That’s all you have? Give our children a little more credit (the obvious target of this ad). Who created this campaign? Homer Simpson?

  • Mary Lou Petruzzi says:

    I think it is Disgusting to promote this behavior for kids….I will never buy Skittles either

  • lb says:

    Awful commercial! So offensive!

  • Cindy says:

    I find it offensive. I found this forum by looking online for a place to register my disgust after seeing the commercial for the first time.
    I agree with the comment above. I love Skittles, but will never buy them again.
    Not the message I want to see or the message I want sent to my children.

    • M. Uhlman says:

      I never buy candy, or any other product, from corporations who use imbecile advertising executives, who attempt to appeal to baser instincts–rather than intellect, to pander their products. In this case, it seems Skittles voted in favor of the eight or nine sixth grade boys who will enjoy this unappealing commercial, while simultaneously alienating a much larger customer base. As for the comment below lecturing us on how to teach youngsters about French kissing, I reply, Skittles need not help me out with the birds and the bees with promptings from a disgusting and unappetizing mouth full of neurotoxic food dye garbage. This is not about banning or sensitivity, it is how the markets work. If a company annoys us we go elsewhere.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. Anyone who is banning skittles because of this is either over sensitive or trolling.

    • ScooterB says:

      Too many sissy ass people in this world. It’s called parenting folks. If your 5yr old asks you what ‘Frenching” means, explain that it’s something that adults do and leave it at that. Be a parent and stop raising a bunch of panzies. There is more sexual exploitation in everyday tv then in this 30sec commercial. Do you watch any of the shows on tv today? Your kids learn from parenting, not tv commercials. I grew up on Bugs Bunny being shot at everyday and I don’t go around killing people. I watched Wile E Coyote throw everything he could at the RoadRunner and I didn’t turn out to be a psycho. Teach your kids Right & Wrong and stop trolling on a post that won’t change anything. Boycott Skittles, they won’t notice that you stop buying their product and if you think otherwise, you are a fool.

      • tina says:

        What an a****** you are. Even my kids and students find the commercial stupid.

      • Thomas says:

        Tina, you’re the a******. The commercial is funny and you’re teaching your kids and students to piss on it. Stop attacking sexuality, stop attacking humor, and most of all stop attacking the idea that people are reasonable, intelligent creatures who can find enjoyment in something a little edgy without turning into nerve-stapled media slaves.

      • gammaNecrosis says:

        I couldn’t agree more, Sir or Ma’am.

      • shanytandy says:

        You can’t even come up with an intelligent answer to tell children, since you said, ” tell them it’s something adults do”. It wouldn’t make any sense to tell my kids that it’s something adults do, when there are kids doing it!

  • June Murphy says:

    Absolutely terrible commercial. I will never again purchase Skittles.

  • Jen says:

    I’m really sick of these commercials that are showing our children sexual things. They wonder why we are having more problems with youths. all these shows and commercials make bad impressions on young minds. It’s bad enough children can find anything on the internet also ughhhh!!!!!!!

    • bob f says:

      Wow. Two kids exchanging a 2 second kiss is going to make children have sex??? That is an awful huge leap, Jen.

    • gammaNecrosis says:

      Oh, heaven forbid that children never learn about this kind of behaviour. I for one actually find this commercial rather cute and innocent. Ma’am, allow me to explain the difference between something that is cute, and something that is sexual. Cute was this commercial. It was a two second kiss, and nothing more than that. Sexual on the other hand, would have been her deepening the kiss and going into full-on make out. You do not know what the word “Offensive” truly means. You use it as an excuse for something you don’t care for. And I have no problem with you not liking this commercial, to each their own, Ma’am. But when you call an innocent little kiss offensive and sexual is when people are annoyed.

    • LC says:

      Kissing a girl at that age was the best. It was the most exciting thing in my life. I’ll never forget it. Why anyone doesn’t like the commercial is beyond me. I LOVED those times. Let your kids have a little fun sometimes. They’re too sheltered and out of shape. I feel bad for kids who think everything is bad!

      Oh, and don’t let them watch the real Bad News Bears. You parents would have a heart attack over it. THOSE kids were living. So much fun. Poor Aiden and Connor and whatever other names you people give them. Poor kids.

  • Michelle says:

    I agree and am outraged by the fact my nine year old now wants to know what frenching is…but in addition to posting here, you all need to contact wrigley/mars about this. I just did a search for wrigley contact …simple.

    • Sandra says:

      Terrible commercial! I’m boycotting skittles!

    • bob f says:

      Your nine year old has never seen two people kiss before? What a sad household you must live in. Tell your kid that ‘frenching’ is a form of kissing. It’s not like they talked about a Cleveland Steamer, or Bukkake. Take the stick out of your arse and lighten up.

  • Sarah Bradley says:

    I will no longer buy skittles. My 7 year old daughter asked me this morning what “frenching the rainbow” means. See ya, skittles. Don’t fire your adman…fire the CEO who approved this and let it run.

  • Dee says:

    Will not be buying skittles. This commercial does not need to be seen ti young children who will then ask what French the rainbow means. Unnecessary.

  • fedup says:

    Trash. I will never buy skittles again !!!!

  • Richard Morin says:

    I Think this commercial should be taken off the air and the company sued for liable. I have two young children and they shouldn’t be seeing suggestive commercial such as this.

    • laura says:

      I totally agree with you. I seen it this morning and my son asked me what the “French” meant. I shouldn’t have to explain that to my 10 year old.

    • Tim says:

      Liable? Don’t use words you don’t understand…I think the ad is tasteless as well.

    • bob f says:

      Kissing is suggestive?? Are you Amish? You apparently have a TV in the house, so I assume you are not Amish. have your children ever witnessed anyone kissing? How did you explain that? Did they ever see two animals in coitus? How did you explain that? Or do your children live in a box in the closet?

    • gammaNecrosis says:

      Libel: A violation of Civil Law regarding the defamation of one’s reputation through written word.

      Do me a favour, please. Look up words before you think they will make you sound intelligent before you use them.

  • Jack says:

    So none of you had your first French kiss in Jr High? How soon you forget. Relax your high and mighty.

  • Penny klementowich says:

    This commercial has the complete opposite affect for me!Not only does it make me NOT want to buy skittles for myself…it makes me not want to buy them for anyone else either. Wish they would pull it! Really WTH does “French the rainbow” have to do with buying skittles? I guess they are saying don’t waste your money on a bag just find someone already eating them and suck some out of their mouth…OH YEA now that’s appealing

  • Nana Bear says:

    This commercial is disgusting, don’t stop with Skittles. Mars, Inc produces the following: 3 Muskateers, M&M, Dove, Milky Way, Munch, Uncle Bens, Twix, Marathon, Starburst, Juicyfruit, Big League Chew, Eclipse, Feedent, Altiods and much more. Be a smart consumer, check out the product line and voice your displeasure in this (sic) marketing by using your $$$$$$$.

  • vmollica says:

    Ridiculously inappropriate on so many levels. Will NOT buy this product and expect the manufacturer to take it off the air.

  • Val says:

    My six year old loves Skittles and as much as I want to make him happy, I will not buy them for him until this commercial is taken off he air. I am furios that he had to see this commercial multiple times while watching a football game with his dad! extremely poor taste by this company!

  • robin says:

    Stupid commercial. I use to buy a big bag for kids parties I probably will not buy any more. Our children are faced with to many social issues this is disgusting.

  • o. kernohan says:

    The commercial is so offensive it needs to be taken off the air. Not sure what the advertising guys were thinking but hte missed the mark sith this one. Gross is an understatement. ?.

  • Milton says:

    I see a lot of outrage about the ages but I find it interesting that not one person mentioned that this would be considered sexual assault had the genders been reverse(feminist were complaining about the Audi Super Bowl Commercial where the guy kissed the girl without consent…)

  • Nancy Hite says:

    Gross and totally inappropriate. Too early sexual content, and I think it is disgusting and should be taken off the air. I don’t have a problem with children eating candy once in a while, but this is so disgusting, I will not be buying any candy made by the candy company that produces Skittles. This is the only thing that corporations understand…..getting hit in the pocketbook. Take a stand people…..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • barbarabooey says:

    They are already marketing thongs for girls under 10. The sexualization of children is a multi billion dollar industry. And yet, who are the low life parents who are fueling it? I suspect some of them also allow their teen daughters to shop at Victoria’s Secret and advertise their “pink” campaign on their backsides.

  • Carol says:

    Unbelievable. Don’t you have enough collective intelligence
    to come up with a more clever commercial?
    I have 4 kids who all love skittles and we will
    no longer buy them. We must take a stand!

  • Sal says:

    This is one of my favorite commercials in recent memory. I’m not a huge Skittles fan, but I feel compelled to buy them more often to counteract the prude responses I’m seeing here. Teenage romance is going to happen, no matter how reserved you wish your kids were (they aren’t). This commercial resonates with those of us who still remember our high school years.

    • Suzanne Conaway says:


      Two questions:

      1. Do you have children, especially those of Jr. High ages?
      2. Would you slurp candy off of someone else’s teeth? EEW!

      • gammaNecrosis says:

        Commercials are not meant to be realistic. They are meant to advertise. Some can be lighthearted, like the Hatsune Miku Toyota Corolla commercial, and others can be dark and serious, like Halo 4. Sal is right, teenage romance WILL happen. Children learn from experience and asking questions. Overprotective hawks only damage and hurt their personalities, always running to mommy and daddy for everything. The children who are raised from overprotective households turn out to be complete losers most of the time. Children who are raised in a relaxed household actually turn out to be more productive and curious.

  • Lisa says:

    What is wrong with ANYONE in the Skittles corporation who thought “French the rainbow” was a good marketing tool for young people to watch??!!! You are selling sugar, high fructose corn syrup and dyes – mostly to kids & now you are ADVERTISING french kissing w/ kids that look about 12 yrs old!?! POOR TASTE & DISGUSTING. Please… Respect us – and yourself – and take this commercial OFF THE AIR.

  • John Bachalis says:

    O stars! Vulgar, inappropriate, precociously sexual, bad example. Using teenage sex to sell candy? They must be crazy, and possibly desperate and unethical. No more Skittles for us. Very, very poor public image. Shame on Skittles.

  • cbroadus says:

    Man, I must be getting old. That commercial was a bit over the top for me and I thought I was the iconoclast. If I was still doing the crack we call sugar, I know I would still be prey to a bag of skittles. I used to use their motto as a tagline but no more. Context has changed. Yuck Kee!

  • tracey says:

    I am SOOOO happy to see I am not the only parent that finds this appalling. It was tasteless and to have such young impressionable kids see this and most likely imitate is irresponsible. Of course they see this in movies etc. but does it need to be crammed done their throat 24 hrs. a day. Something as innocent as watching the baseball game took a real turn. I would only hope as many idiots that complained over that interracial Cheerios commercial steps up and voices an opinion about this!

  • Sandy McNaughton says:

    As a middle school nurse, mother and grandmother, I was appalled by this commercial. Targeting young teens who are already dealing with rampant hormones and using this to sell candy, a youth-oriented product , is irresponsible by the makers of Skittles. I can just see this “practice” taking off like wildfire in every middle school in America…with potential devastating consequences! Please remove this ad….and focus on using the “rainbow ” theme in areas of nature, fun, friendship rather than playing with young minds and bodies.

  • Mom says:

    We just saw this commercial and found it to be so “tasteless”. It was enough that the girl kissed him, smiled, and had the skittles. Why do they have to elaborate about “french the rainbow”. This has done nothing but make me NOT going to purchase Skittles again. By purchasing Skittles, all we’re doing is helping endorse these lame commercials. All we need to do is not buy!

  • AJZ says:

    Disgusting, tasteless, crude, and totally inappropriate commercial. For those of you who think it’s okay or even funny, I feel great sadness that you don’t understand your responsibility to protect God’s precious children from garbage like this. It’s such a shame that bright, creative advertisers don’t use their gifts and talents wisely. There are infinitely better and life-affirming ways to promote products.

  • james says:

    All you small-minded people, walking around with petty internet outrage in your pocket -ready to just whip it out. This is a silly, jokey commercial. Go channel your outrage somewhere meaningful, and so making yourselves look ridiculous.

    • Katie says:

      James, you probably don’t have kids. I just don’t need my 5 year old watching this at 9:30 am and asking me what french the rainbow means. Remember, they are marketing to kids, right? Must not appropriate for kids. It might seem silly and jokey to you, but everything that bombards my kids is cumulative so I don’t think of it as a small thing. Plus, eating candy teeth is just sort of gross.

      • bob f says:

        your kids have never seen anyone kiss before? Must be worse things in the world they will run into than seeing two people kiss.

    • Sal says:

      I’m with you, James.

  • Roberta says:

    This commercial really offended me….advertising has hit a new low from what I can see. I am outraged it was aired. To ACTUALLY think that this commercial is going to sell candy?? TAKE THE COMMERCIALOFF THE AIR.

  • Kevin Murphy says:

    I did not find the commerical cute nor funny. I was genuinely offended by it. and will make now make sure I don’t buy Skittles.

    • Nancy says:


    • Nancy says:


  • na na says:

    Stop crying it’s a commercial. Clearly it isn’t realistic. You all are over reacting to this commercial. Considering that it’s only candy, it’s not that big deal. And all of you will one day forget the Damn commercial and buy skittles. So get over it and grow the f*** up!

  • brenda says:

    Crude and not appropriate for kids, especially since they are they consumer, IF they’re parents purchase they product, and THIS PARENT will not purchase anything related to this vulgar company.

  • KK says:

    Awful commercial on just about every level. I hope they are taking it off the air now…… Can’t believe they aired it during the NASCAR race. YUCK

    • bob f says:

      OMG!!! They played it during a NASCAR race, and that is the only thing that offends you?? What about the dick drugs (Viagra et al)? Jack Daniels? Winston? Depends diapers? 10 different brands of beer? Funny that the only thing that offends you while watching a NASCAR race is teenagers kissing.

  • Sassafras says:

    People try way too hard to be strange. It’s the cyrusizing of America. Raunch passes for kitch. And class and imagination are out

  • Mel says:

    Very tasteless – how do parents explain to their young kids what French Kissing is? I will never look at a skittle the same way.

  • Micheal Live says:

    Is this for real? All you people saying you ain’t gonna buy skittles anymore cause of that commercial?
    My god! And to make it that much sweeter, yall are doing exactly what the ad guys want . YOUR TALKING ABOUT IT! You sit there and act all holy and better than, but your just playing right into there plan, like sheep. Oh no…a handfull of anal retentives aint gonna buy skittles anymore, Whatever shall the company do to survive? Jesus! Get a life people.

  • Micheal Live says:

    Is this for real? All you people saying you ain’t gonna buy skittles anymore cause of that commercial?
    My god! And to make it that much sweeter, yall are doing exactly what the ad guys want . YOUR TALKING ABOUT IT! You sit there and act all holy and better than, but your just playing right into there plan, like sheep. Oh no…a handfull of anal retentives aint gonna buy skittles anymore, Whatever shall the company do to survive? Jesus! Get a life people.

  • Irene. Ny says:

    Will not be buying skittles again!!

  • Simmer Down says:

    All the moms and women on the site, you seriously need a sense of humor… what happened to all of you…

    • bob f says:

      They have sex in a closet with the lights off. No one ever kisses in their house, and their kids have never heard of the concept of kissing.

  • Nerd King says:

    Now if only that happened to me …
    But this commercial just made me think that its unrealistic.

  • Angry mom! says:

    I just watched the “French the rainbow” commercial w my 9year old in the room. I am appalled this is even on the air! My daughter asks “what’s French mean”. I will not be buyin Skittles again. ( and I love them. Looks like Starbursts r gonna make a lot of money bc of people boycotting Skittles). I’m no prude, but this marketing team made a highly inappropriate choice in this commercial!

  • kim says:

    Will never buy skittles again. How dare you teach this to our young adults. No culpability. I find your company beneath contempt.

  • B. Brookins says:

    I use to buy skittles, but since the ad which make them like diseases it has completely turned me off them altogether, I mean really, you have kids eating things off other kids faces, it is disgusting, and if you paid someone to write and make this commercial for you, you really should try and get our money back. Good bye to skittles and to the company who makes them. Sorry

  • BETH says:

    to much ! with all the other sexist commercials now Skittles is promoting this type if garbage!

  • J Beeler says:

    I will to be buying Skittles again!

  • michele says:

    I found this commercial very offensive. I was very appauld! The catch line was way over the edge. I have young children and this commercial crosses the line. There is way too much vulger stuff on the tv today. Now my children and other young children are going to be asking there parents about french kissing. This commercial is in very bad taste. And using teenagers to display this kind of action on a commercial is aweful. It is really sad that this society is run by declining morals. We are headed in a very scary direction. This commercial makes me want to never buy this candy again. I think Skittles should pull this commercial.

  • Lorraine Gulley says:

    I LOVE Skittles. That being said I will never buy them again. First of all the commercial is disgusting when the girl sucks them out of the boys mouth and is chewing them up. YUCK!!!!!! But the caption is way out of line. Taking something as beautiful as a rainbow and using it to sell a product in this way is a tragic choice. And to show 2 teenagers (I know, they already know about this stuff, experience it, etc. etc.) doing this in an effort to increase sales is really low!!!! Like I say, I will never buy these again. I use them to reward my grandkids for doing stuff around the house, making good grades, etc. but I will find something else to replace your product. I could not believe the commercial when I saw it. I’m still having trouble realizing a company would sink so low!!!!

  • Mo says:

    Crude, vulgar, tasteless. Will not be buying any more Skittles.

  • Justin Case says:

    I’d be walking wood. Just sayin’…

  • justin. says:

    Hilarious. It made me want skittles to be honest. Mostly because of the alternative marketing.

  • Melanie says:

    disgusting… Should be taken off the air..

  • live says:

    gross as s***…