Sprint Framily Plan Commercial

Sprint Framily Plan Commercial
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January 17, 2014


A family is standing in a studio with a white background. “When you switch to Sprint’s new Framily Plan friends are like family. So who’s going to be in yours?” The husband replies “My girls, my lady, and my fantasy league.” The husbands fantasy football league magically appears. “Except Jerry.” Jerry disappears. The narrator says “But the more people you add, the lower the rate.” The husband thinks about it “Fine, Jerry.” Jerry reappears. “Add up to 10 people and everyone gets unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data.” The wife says “We can get one more.” The daughter gets excited “Add my boyfriend!” Her boyfriend appears. The husband has a question. “Woah woah woah. His bill’s separate right?” The narrator answers “All the bills are separate.”

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39 User Reviews

  • Normie says:

    If a freight train were to be dropped off of the Empire State Building, into a giant meat grinder, and slowly grounded into minuscule pieces.. It would still be more soothing to the ears than the god awful pitch of that mud ducks voice!

  • cheeky says:

    f****** shaddap about the teen girl already. Let’s discuss HAWT MOM! hot hot hot!

  • Ryan says:

    I think she is pretty.

  • Rhonda says:

    She’s just a product of inbreeding, that’s all. Hope she grows into her face in a few years and tries a new hair do and some makeup! Not sure what she can do about that voice though. LOL.

  • kB11 says:

    The mother is so hot. I love her knee high boots

  • Gizzy says:

    My initial thought is marketing strategy. The young lady has a unique look. Thus, creating a conversation about her unconventional outfit, fidgeting, et al. I, actually thought she did a good job-her tone and diction are cute and catchy! It think i is savvy marketing!
    I think it is all well thought out and staged to generate dialogue marketing of Sprint’s phone plans. I will conclude that I am delighted the commercial is not sexist, racist or offensive. It’s just a teenage girl piping in a solution to fill the framily plan..” add my boyfriend!” I think it is clever and funny!

  • Geoff says:

    Agreed. It seems shallow to say but she is distractingly unattractive. She doesn’t seem to fit the profile of her “commercial” family. This is so true that I cannot even concentrate on whatever they are selling here.

    • Monkey Wrenchers United says:

      Agree that she is distracting as compared to the rest of her family, and that includes her clothes, etc. Your eyes go right to her. Same if you had a box of apples and an orange in the middle of it. I don’t know if it is clever or not. If feels more like she is Inga the Russian exchange student and not their daughter.

      People who market TV ads feel all attention is good attention, thus the hideous KIT KAT ads with people making eating noises way too loud– Makes me want to punch people. That is not a good response and I will not buy KIT KAT now.

      I don’t want to punch after seeing this ad, but more than thinking I want to sign up for the Framily Plan, I am more scratching my head wondering what the heck is going on.

  • Wow says:

    That is one ugly girl. I know, I bet she has a nice personality. At least fat people can lose weight. Whoa.

  • Lucy says:

    Anyone know who the “boyfriend” is??

  • tony says:

    The girl is extremely ugly.

  • Dan says:

    My wife and I noticed that the unattractive girl in the commercial fidgets with her panties. Nobody else moves or does anything distracting. I will bet they taped this commercial 80 times. Why did they leave the panty fidget in there; somebody made the conscious decision to leave it in. I would have cut it out. Strange.

    • The Husband in the commercial says:

      She was told to do that, in order to create some movement in the shot after “popping” in the other people.

      • Hood Ratowski says:

        I thought she was supposed to be reacting to one of the other guys that popped into the commercial, and actually trying to pull her dress down a little to be more modest, as if to make it cover her knees more.

  • What is this actress’s name?

  • Analyzing Life says:

    The girl in the commercial is hard to miss, but only because of the outfit. If anyone else had been wearing this outfit, the eye would automatically look at them. Once the outfit draws you to her, you begin to examine her face and wonder why she was allowed to wear such a distracting outfit. I don’t think she is ‘ugly’, she is just the most plain person I have ever seen leading. Her hair is flat, her face is flat, and her outfit is outrageous. It’s almost like it makes so little sense you have to stop and wonder why? A white dress with polka-dots and black boots should never be allowed on a commercial, especially when everyone else is wearing essentially the same thing-jeans and a neutral shirt. Also, the dress is stopping above the knee, and when everyone else is wearing jeans, you are obviously going to be staring at her knees…and I don’t want to call her knees ‘ugly’ as some have said, but they’re not something we should be looking at. I am just using common sense, but who knows? People like Geico commercials, so maybe I have no clue.

  • Texas Cowboy says:

    I think that girl is adorable, it’s refreshing to see a “real” girl instead of the plastic people we see on tv. I used to be a model & actor, I would take her out anytime.

    • Wow says:

      Texas Cowboy you’ve been spending too much time out on the back forty with the cattle if you think she’s adorable.

    • bastion qwenchlo says:

      Some people just like the attention that being with unconventional looking people bring. I had a friend who looked like a Latino Neanderthal and we worked on a film in a small town, all the women (including some true hotties) wanted to date him because he looked different from everyone else in town. He wasn’t ugly but he did have the occasional whitehead zit here and there that would have been quickly noticed on the average guy.

  • Joe says:

    I keep seeing this ad, and I cannot help but think “that girl sure is ugly (bless her heart as we say down south)”. I actually got on my computer finally and searched “framily plan ugly girl”, and some other variants of that idea. It seems that the only people commenting on this poor girl is here. Perhaps people are thinking the same thing but just haven’t commented on the internet. I figured there would be some Youtube videos with someone talking about this girl. I hate to be critical of this young lady, and I’m not usually critical nor do I consider myself shallow, but as another person asked, “why her?”. What was their reasoning for casting such a “homely” looking teenage girl. I also noticed that her voice was terribly annoying as well. I just have the same questions and thoughts as the other posters here. I keep seeing this ad over and over, and I just can’t help thinking each time, d*mn she’s ugly. I even had to pause the DVR and gander at her for a bit she is so unusual looking. She does look like an Amish girl or some kind of peasant. The choice of wardrobe was about as terrible as her overall appearance, and certainly probably added to the ugly factor. Perhaps in a different dress and with some makeup on it wouldn’t have been so shocking. Think of the movie starts that you see without makeup, and just being themselves while out shopping and such – some of them are hideous, and I mean really hideous without their make-up artist’s help and their expensive wardrobe, which makes me believe almost any girl could be a movie star or it makes one wonder if they had to perform sexual favors and acts to get their roles. I suppose there’s some guys out there that thought “man she is hot! Look at those sexy manly eyebrows and that masculine face! Oh, and those thick legs, ankles, and knees!”. LOL. To me, if she had a boy’s haircut, blue jeans and a t-shirt it’d be hard to tell that she is a girl I think. Reminds me of Church of God girls where I live. But some of those girls are hot, even with the plain clothes (long dresses), no makeup, etc. They don’t even look as homely as that poor girl. Sorry for the long post, but I just had to get this off my chest and off my mind. Hopefully they will stop showing it soon as it sort of agitates me for a while every time I see it. haha.

    • The Husband in the commercial says:

      What kind of a person are you? This young lady was cast in the commercial because she delivered the lines better than any of the hundreds of girls brought in to audition. She is a sweet, kind, and humble girl who has booked quite a few commercials over the past couple years, effectively paying for a good amount of her college tuition. I’d love to see what you look like now, much less what you looked like when you were 16. I know that I didn’t feel very comfortable about myself when I was her age, and I’d be nervous about having my face appear in front of millions of people…because of people like you. To say such negative things about her looks is just appalling, and you should be ashamed of yourself for not only thinking in such a way, but also for taking the time to post such vitriol.

      • Enki says:

        Lines? With an “s”? By that, I assume you mean the plural form of the word “line”. There was but one. I’m going to have to go with these wonderfully articulate comment lenders. There’s no way you can look at that young lady, in person, for more than two seconds without glancing away. It’s unnerving enough on TV. I can only imagine the atmosphere of discomfort left in her wake after she’s been seen in person. Let’s just say, it’s over 9,000. It’s entirely unnecessary to defend any opposing position. The ad has left no doubt. Let us all repress the memory, and move on as best we can manage.

      • The Husband in the commercial says:

        Yes, Enki, in the initial audition, that character had two lineS, as in the plural form of the word, “line.” I’m the husband in the commercial, and I spent two days with the young lady, and she’s a very kind, smart, and lovely person. To attack her based solely up on her looks is disgusting. There are a couple funny lookin’ dudes in the spot, but no one is commenting on them. Again, I would love to see pictures of any of the commenters here when they were 16. I wonder how comfortable everyone would be with the nasty things that might be said about themselves.

      • Dave says:

        “Lines”??? She says “Add my boyfriend”. It took producers looking at and listening to “hundreds of girls” to find just the right 3 words? I do agree that people are WAY to critical of people.

      • Froggy Courtin says:

        The girl has her own look, that’s cool. It is unconventional, that’s fine. Not everybody needs to look the same, not everyone needs to be a Barbizon model. She seems comfortable in her own skin and I think she did a good job. She makes some kind of fidgety faces I’m trying to figure out, not sure what she’s doing or what direction she was given (I would love to know actually). It does catch the eye, somehow.

        What I wonder about is why she is played as so differently, and dressed so differently from the rest of her commercial family. She does look like the Eastern Block / Amish girl in the midst of a lot of Americans. It is just really odd casting. And the wardrobe etc.

        Maybe you have some insight on the process? Did the script indicate this? What?

  • Bored says:

    That girl is so homely, she takes hideous to a whole new level. Did all the normal-looking young women take the day off and she was the only one available the day this commercial was filmed? And then, who the hell dressed her? The Amish?

  • Cherie says:

    Just saw the odd Eastern European peasant girl again! She is compelling. I have noticed that teenagers on TV are trending toward odd looking. Makes spot memorable. Maybe “pretty” people don’t test market well anymore. That is the influence of reality TV shows. Everyday people taken to the nth degree…for example, beards on Duck Dynasty…cosmetic surgery on Real Housewives…odd looking teenage girls in TV spots.

  • Glochester XX says:

    They do test marketing on these national campaigns like crazy… everything is to appeal to something… some group… some person. Who was this odd girl marketed towards?

    • The Husband in the commercial says:

      They don’t do test marketing in order to hire actors for the spot. They hire who they think is the best, and then they test spots after they’re completed.

      • Glochester XX says:

        That is what I meant. And further that commercials don’t happen by accident, this commercial was made this way for a reason. It was designed to catch some groups attention.

  • tony says:

    That girl is so ugly and has big wide knees, so odd looking.

  • Sickofitall says:

    What idiot came up with the word framily? I feel like smashing doll houses every time that absurd revolting abortion of a word stings at my ears. It’s not effing clever. It’s moronic. And it encourages further moronicism in this blissfully ignorant culture of ours… Stop smiling like a vacant tool whenever corporate sleazeballs feed you the “happy consumer” pill.

  • Glochester XX says:

    The older daughter is odd looking with a very unconventional face and she makes odd facial gestures too. She does a good job, but why her? They also dressed her like a poor, Russian peasant girl. The rest of the family looks normal and modern. Knowing how particular commercial casting is… one has to wonder why they cast this girl.