Starburst Juicy Dragon Tears Commercial

Starburst Juicy Dragon Tears Commercial
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April 9, 2013


Two greenskeepers are taking a break from mowing and raking the lawn and enjoying Starbursts. One of the men asks “How do they make Starbursts taste so juicy?” The other man replies “The juicy dragon.” Stunned that the first man hasn’t heard of the juicy dragon theory, he goes on to explain “They show funny videos to a giggly dragon. He laughs so hard that he cries super juicy tears, and they put them in the Starbursts.” As the lawn professional explains, we are shown a dragon laying down in front of two men in yellow jump suits playing the internet video with the cat playing a keyboard / piano. The dragon starts laughing and super juicy tears start rolling down the dragons face as another man catches them in a metal container. “You didn’t know that? Everybody knows that.” The first man replies “A juicy dragon?” as if the story didn’t make any sense.

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