State Farm Where the Assist Came From Commercial

State Farm Where the Assist Came From Commercial
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December 28, 2013


“Twins Cliff and Chris Paul couldn’t stop talking about the assist, and yet a new question…” The Assist Twins are playing Scrabble, the word Assist being the only word played in many different ways, with their sons who ask “Daddy, where did the assist come from?” “…Rendered them speechless. As the Paul’s delve deep into their lineage, they discovered something extraordinary. In 1922 local shop keeper, Clifford Paul Senior Senior Senior, inspired employees at State Farm, a thriving new insurance agency, to be there for customers like a good neighbor. While Christopher Paul Senior Senior Senior revolutionized the game of basketball by suggesting players pass the ball to other players who could then score. Delighted that their ancestors invented the assist, the twins could rest assured the gift of giving is in the genes, allegedly.” Their two sons fight over a toy sail boat.

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