T-Mobile Missed Texts From The Hospital Commercial

T-Mobile Missed Texts From The Hospital Commercial
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August 12, 2013


Bill Hader is sitting outside of a cafe / restaurant on the patio. His girlfriend, played by Katie Walder, comes walking towards him and says “Hey! Why didn’t you get me from the hospital?” Bill Hader looks confused, but see’s the cast on her arm. “Um, hey pumpkin bear, something happen?” She looks at him with an extremely hurt look on her face. “I sent you like… a hundred texts! …Jerk!” She turns and walks away from Bill. Still confused on what is going on, Bill tries to stall “Jerk? Whaaaat?” Then his phone starts to chime. “Oh hey! They’re coming in now sweety!” As he receives all the texts his old cell phone had missed he reads them out loud. “Fell off your bike… went to a hospital… you broke your arm… I’m going to hunt you down. All caps… Baaabbbyyyyy!!!!!!”

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