Taco Bell Her Parents Came Home Early Commercial

Taco Bell Her Parents Came Home Early Commercial
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December 21, 2013


A kid is running from a house in slow motion holding a Grilled Stuft Nacho while the song “Evil Friends” by Portugal The Man plays in the background. “Why would you ever need to eat nachos on the go? Lets say her parents came home early.” A father runs out of the house, chasing the kid. “That’s one reason. Take the nachos and run.”

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  • El Warpismo says:


  • stevil says:

    i need some goddamned attention from a lucky female out there!

  • Frank Gamma says:

    My problem is not with the teenage sex thing it’s more that the taco he’s holding is 3 times the size of the real thing at Taco Bell

  • John says:

    I don’t remember seeing this much controversy over Jack in the Box’s commercials, and in my opinion, those were waaaaaaay worse than this one.

  • Lisa says:

    I hate this commercial!!!!!

  • andy says:

    I would also guess most of the parents on this forum who declare that this is bad for “morals” are the same kinds who are against gay marriage because it isn’t “moral”

  • Bryan Adams says:

    I like Taco Bell, we have had a regular taco night for years. Regrettably because of the change in direction of marketing even though we have a new location right down the road; we are headed elsewhere. This add and the one that demeans elderly people are enough for me. Really bad marketers are like – less then intelligent comedians – they use shock to get a quick demeaning chuckle because they are not talented enough to produce anything clever.

  • Ripkin says:

    Dude! You have one thing right…you are dumber for coming here.
    I sincerely doubt anyone is ‘freaking out’ on just poor ol’ taco bell. Its the direction your de-***ted metrosexual, accept anything, tolerance is trendy generation is going that we dislike. Why does it upset you that ppl do not want to tolerate? We are all free here right? I think the issue that most amazes all of us ‘moral old-timers’ is that a lot of people do not think this is abnormal! It’s just the direction we are going, get used to it? Negative. See we are old enough to understand some history here…Greece and Rome kinda died from within do to this same progressive concept that everything immoral be accepted.
    And the kicker? as Greece and Rome were giving in to their ‘advanced thinking’ citizens, installing homosexual bath houses and vomitoriums, nobody at that time thought it was abnormal either.
    God i just know im wasting my time here trying to educate you.

  • Mr. Thomas says:

    As a father of a teenage girl … I cant run …. but my ruger 9mm travels 1600 feet per second ….. and everyone who finds this commercial “ok” ……. that’s your opinion … just don’t let me catch you running from my home!!! We all make choices!!!!

  • tom says:

    very offensive. they want to be a family restaurant with poor morale values like this?

    • Joey Coco says:

      I couldnt agree more. When companies do things like these that degrade the moral fiber of America – or what is left of it – I boycott them.

    • mc says:

      Hahaha poor “morale” values?! You should read something other than the bible, you ****bucket.

      • John says:

        I love how you immediately jumped to the anti-Christian argument. Wow, way to be an a**hole.

      • John says:

        Also, I appreciate you for implying that Christians are the only ones with morals (not morales, which you would know if you read any books AT ALL). It makes me feel good to know that people think of Christians as the only ones with morals.

  • I_feel_dumber_for_coming_here says:

    Wow you uptight f****** pricks. It’s funny, chill, I’m SURE some of these upstanding “Fathers” and “Mothers” had they’re fair share of run ins with the opposite sex in high school, assuming age appropriate parents, you would’ve been growing up in the late sixties to late seventies… I’m SURE you a******* behaved 100% of the time. If you NEVER had any interactions (“Fathers of Daughters” You never went to a girls house that you liked, after school, before parents came home?) (“Mothers of Daughters” You nevvvvvver had boys over in high school without your parents permission?) with the opposite sex, than by all means, cry, but… I’m willing to bet you f****** did. So shut the f*** up, accept the tongue in cheek humor and move on about your daily f****** life. It’s not like when your daughter goes to Taco Bell, there’s a line of boys waiting to go back to your house with her. Wow, I’m completely saddened and disheartened at the amount of sheer full blown idiocy I have seen from people claiming to be “adults” here. If that’s your mind set, I feel sorry that you are responsible for another life in this world…

  • andy says:

    haha “As a parent i find this commercial very offensive” haha thank god for my generation otherwise the world would be a bunch of stuffy a******s. I got news for you, your precious little kiddies are gonna hear a lot worse stuff from their friends than this commercial.

    • dinkerson says:

      And because worse “stuff” is out there for them to hear, that makes this okay? You have much to learn after your balls drop.

      • andy says:

        If your kids are as innocent as you want them to be, they won’t even get what this commercial implies. And if they do, you’ve already failed as a parent. lol. the parents on this forum are the kinds who make their kids come directly home after prom and don’t let them live their lives, and they end up socially awkward in college because of it. Please…please…LET YOUR KIDS LIVE!

      • dinkerson says:

        Uh… my kids can live just fine with a few standards.

  • Echoboy5000 says:

    I personally didn’t understand the commercial very well. So the kid was eating a “taco/nacho thing” with your daughter. So what? It’s kind of hard to think about anything sexual when you have had or are currently enjoying taco bell.

  • Ripkin says:

    David Brown its clear you are not from this country so stop trolling. I am shocked to see im not the only one pissed at this bulls*** ad. I was trying to find out if the boy had his pants in his left hand or was that a jean jacket? and I find all of you, also upset with this commercial. I am a 40 yr old male, father of 5. I will not condone taco bell’s blatant disregard for Americas tradition to be moral and wholesome. We are not some throwback country that treat women like s***, burn them cut them or repress their education.
    Im not just talking about radical muslim countries, many other nations treat their females poorly.
    Anyhow, i will not miss eating the dogs*** food from taco bell and wish them to understand going progressive is not the only path.

  • Lauren says:

    It’s a commercial hahahaha it’s a joke it’s funny… The kid could have been holding hands with the girl or watching a movie and her parents came home early. Some parents are stupid. It’s probably their kids who are the ones doing that type of stuff anyways

  • Stop blaming taco bell and hating on them and get a life says:

    Why in the heck do u Pepole care it’s just a commercial do yall have nothing better to do and for those who have had there kids raped I am sorry i really am but this commercial is not about rape

  • MHeinz says:

    I am the parent of two boys and a girl. I think the ad is adorable. People need to get the stick out of their ass, and grow up. Teenagers, get caught making out and more. It’s part of growing up…clearly some of these posters haven’t done so.

  • Karch says:

    They changed it recently to have “Your” instead of “Her”. Guess too many complaints.

  • Amber says:

    Just a commercial saying how you can eat their tacos on the go, stop hating on them…just a commercial ,if you don’t trust your kids alone then don’t leave them alone.

  • Teen Sex God says:

    This is what happens in real life. Kids fool around. Get the sticks out of your collective asses.

  • TOM DELONGE says:

    I thought this s*** was hilarious. I was just high enough when I saw it to notice that it could be offensive to f****** religious republicans in the mid US. I just can’t believe that my high self was right. Hahahaha.

    • John says:

      *slow clap* You managed to make an uneducated and utterly stupid generalization in a response. You may now join the rest of the a**holes that are too stupid to be involved in any debates.

  • Eddie says:

    People are so dumb. It’s a f****** commercial, no rape occurred.

  • Vanesa says:

    Taco Bell screwed up with this stupid ad. As a parent, I am offended by the message of the ad. I live in an area where 21 young males were convicted of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. One of the sexual assaults was perpetrated in a home while the parents were away. Get this ad off the air Taco Bell and fire your marketing team. This was a colossal screw-up.

  • John says:

    I had to read blogs to get this lame ad. It’s offensive no matter whose parent he is. In what world would this older man expect to catch a running teen. As on older guy let me assure you we control using monetary manipulation and threats. I don’t chase young boys. What would I do if I caught him? Expose myself to beating a minor and going to jail? Idiocy

    • Dalton says:

      Its a comedic commercial, intended to persuade make people laugh. Calm yourself dumb ass.

      • Bonnie says:

        Our comedy reflects and influences our culture. Poor ad…..As a Mom of four daughters ( and two sons) I think the negative inferences outweigh any comedic attempts.

  • Bonnie says:

    This ad is way out of line to me as I ‘came home early’ and found that my daughter had been raped by the neighbor boy ! !

  • 3kiddad says:

    I bet he couldn’t out run my .45

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. And funny that you, “David Brown” come on here acting all high and mighty, judging us for being offended; it’s called “gracing someone with your PRESENCE”, not presents. LOL

  • Dude says:

    Because Taco Bell is totally what I want to eat post-coitus.

  • Todd says:

    I guess girls can run out of the house being chased by an irate parent too! But don’t blink, I think they’re trying to not only alienate parents from their kids, they wanted to show no gender bias either!!! That’s why I hate Taco “Smell”.

  • grego smooth says:

    I thought the commercial said “your parents” and he was running because he was in the middle of getting stoned. It would make more sense.

    • Adam says:

      I too originally thought they said “your” parents. I here it both ways. I never did think that maybe he was getting stoned, but that makes sense also. I would actually like to see a follow up commercial where the father catches the kid, kicks him to the curb and eats his Stuft Nacho.

  • David W. Brown says:

    Really??? This is what you people get from this commercial. This is exactly what is wrong with our country today. A bunch of judgmental people who have nothing better to do than sit around judging a silly Taco Bell commercial. I for one am extremely happy that you want be gracing Taco Bell with your presents, so I don’t have to eat lunch with you. So stay away “OMG” stay far away…

  • Dave k says:

    This is a very offensive commercial to parents. Yet this is what we as a society allow our kids to be taught.

  • RJG says:

    I totally agree. Disgraceful. Just what society needs is joking about this issue. I’m done with Taci Bell.

  • no more tacos says:

    taco bell promoting teen sex. how low can you go to sell food?