Taco Bell Hungry Girlfriend Commercial

Taco Bell Hungry Girlfriend Commercial
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January 23, 2014


A man and woman, boyfriend and girlfriend, are at a bar eating their dinner. The girlfriend ordered a salad, and the boyfriend ordered some wings. The girlfriend, not satisfied with the salad she ordered, looks over at her boyfriends wings and then proceeds to steal them from him. Then, they’re at a concert, where the boyfriend has some nachos. The girlfriend steals those too. Then, the couple are at a food truck. The boyfriend asks his girlfriend if she wants to order anything and she declines. When the boyfriend gets his food, the girlfriend steals it from him. Now the boyfriend is sitting on a couch eating his Taco Bell Loaded Grillers, when his girlfriend comes in and sits next to him, eyeing his food. He knew she was going to steal it from him, so he bought two and hands her the other one before she can claim it for herself. “To each their own. Chili Cheese Fries, and Chipotle Ranch Chicken. Taco Bell’s newest Loaded Grillers each for just a buck. It’s appetizers without the sharing.”

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