Toyota Color Changing Chameleon Commercial

Toyota Color Changing Chameleon Commercial
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In this commercial for Toyota’s Nationwide Clearance Event, a man walks into a Toyota dealership and walks up to the main desk where Jan is sitting, waiting to greet people. “Hi, I’m Jan. Welcome to Toyota’s once a year clearance event.” The man asks “Can I still get a great deal?” and Jan replies as she turns her head to look at the still available cars “Yes, there’s lots to choose from but they’re going fast.” As she turns her head back to look at the man, she sees him pull a chameleon out of his bag and place it on her desk. Jan starts freaking out, pushing herself back into her chair in a frantic effort to put as much distance between her and the lizard as she can. “What is that?!” The man introduces the color changing lizard “It’s Ted, he’s going to pick the color.” As the chameleon starts changing colors, the now thoroughly freaked out Jan holds back her screams and says “Blue, we have that. We have that too…” Ted, the chameleon, starts slowly walking towards her, and falls off the edge of the desk and is now right in front of Jan. Jan freaks out and starts screaming in terror.

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