Toyota Color Changing Chameleon Commercial

Toyota Color Changing Chameleon Commercial
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August 10, 2013


In this commercial for Toyota’s Nationwide Clearance Event, a man walks into a Toyota dealership and walks up to the main desk where Jan is sitting, waiting to greet people. “Hi, I’m Jan. Welcome to Toyota’s once a year clearance event.” The man asks “Can I still get a great deal?” and Jan replies as she turns her head to look at the still available cars “Yes, there’s lots to choose from but they’re going fast.” As she turns her head back to look at the man, she sees him pull a chameleon out of his bag and place it on her desk. Jan starts freaking out, pushing herself back into her chair in a frantic effort to put as much distance between her and the lizard as she can. “What is that?!” The man introduces the color changing lizard “It’s Ted, he’s going to pick the color.” As the chameleon starts changing colors, the now thoroughly freaked out Jan holds back her screams and says “Blue, we have that. We have that too…” Ted, the chameleon, starts slowly walking towards her, and falls off the edge of the desk and is now right in front of Jan. Jan freaks out and starts screaming in terror.

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31 User Reviews

  • Tony says:

    The car company with the WORST commercial campaign!

  • Terri says:

    What ever happen to the lizard & Jan’s commercial. That was the best one of all!!!!! Yes I did to, laugh every time I saw this ad. But the recent ones, they are so dull. Geico beats them. They need to get that lizard back or another animal that would be ideal to replace the lizard & it need to have humor in the commmercials to get the customers attention. These latest ones are terrible, I would be ashame to put Toyota name behind them.

  • Old' Ben says:

    Jan gave me that same look last night.

  • maryann says:

    Love jan on toyota commerical she is great

  • Rick says:

    Stop the hate change the Channel

  • felicityridge says:

    I liked the chameleon/iguana. It was cute.

  • Betty says:

    That is not a Chameleon on the ad. They do change colors but the ad is showing a Iguana and they don’t change colors.

  • Im interested in Toyota, now . I love Jan’s commercials!! She really spices it up.

  • looking says:

    Where is the camelion in the final scene

  • Shawna TORCHIA says:

    OMG!!!! Love. Her reaction!! It’s so realistic!!! It makes me laugh every time I see it!!!!

  • Bruce Lee says:

    I like the way Jan squeals. just like she would do when I would be f****** her up her a!$$’

  • Armchaircritic says:

    I want to see more of Jan. She is a knockout, and can act. Flo from Progressive is not very attractive.

  • Cristina says:

    i think that Toyota is trying to make this actress into a new Flo. It’s a wannabe commercial. They had already established the female character as a professional spokesperson and now are trying to give her character that doesn’t seem genuine. It shows a lack of creativity on Toyota’s marketing and not a reflection of the actress’s abilities.

  • mike says:

    Jan is hot! I agree…she should replace Flo from Progressive. Great actress, and she is gorgeous.

  • Nwilkers says:

    Boy, there sure are some really “unhappy with their lives” people on here. She’s just acting people!! And a good one, too. It’s just a commercial!!! Light up and laugh a little!

  • Kate says:

    I don’t find anything bad about this commercial per se, but it is on so much. Every time I turn the channel, it is on and on and on…….now I always mute it.

  • booger says:


  • Patski says:

    I agree with Bethany. I find this ad ridiculous and insulting. Who would be afraid of a chameleon — especially a CGI chameleon! If they’re going to make a ridiculous ad, then use a man.

  • Dee Rizzo says:

    I never noticed this actress or even the Toyota commercials before this one. Jan’s reaction seems so genuine that I had to do a search on this commercial. She did an outstanding job, and I hope they utilize her fine acting skills to this extent in the future. If not, then Progressive should snag her up to replace Flo!

  • Michele says:

    I know she’s an actress, but she looks truly afraid of this cameleon. Good Job.

  • C Jannette says:

    Fabulous, commercial. Jan’s reactions are so genuine!!! It is indeed a favorite !!!

  • Elly says:

    I agree with Kat.The commercial was so funny to me. It’s just a little fun to sell a product. I can’t wait until they put out the next one.

  • kat says:

    love this commercial laugh my ass off everytime I see it and for those of you don’t like it grow up your life must be boring to nitpick at somebody else

  • Donna says:

    Haters, can’t you just enjoy the comedy? Jealous and disgruntled much? I LOVE this commerical.

  • Bethany Duprey says:

    HATE this commercial. Are there really women this hoity-toity, stupid and uneducated out there in the world? It’s a harmless chameleon, for crying out loud!!!

  • Donald R. DeCicco says:

    I hate all of those Toyota commercials featuring “Jan” (played by actress/comedian Laurel Coppock).

    Yes, “Jan”, the way too happy in her dead-end, mind-numbingly dull job to really be allowed to live another minute Toyota spokeschoad. She’s reached thirty and all she’s got to show for that college degree is a job as a chirping little receptionist for Toyota.