Tropicana Trop50 Sisters Commercial

Tropicana Trop50 Sisters Commercial
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January 8, 2014


Jane Krakowski and Judy Greer come home from the gym. Jane says “Can you believe that handsome young guy at the gym thought we were sisters?” Judy replies “I know! We have absolutely nothing in common.” Jane agrees “Right? Obviously I’m one-of-a-kind.” They say at the say time “Unique in every way.” Jane says “Well, we do both love the goodness of Trop50. Because of the 50% less sugar.” Judy has a different thought “I think it’s because of the no artificial sweeteners.” Jane’s pretty sure “It’s the 50% less sugar.” Judy is also pretty sure “It’s the no artificial sweeteners.” After tasting it, Jane knows for a fact “Less sugar.” But Judy is still convinced “No artificial sweeteners.” Jane Krakowski is aggravated “We are so not sisters.” Judy Greer agrees “We only have moms word for it.” Judy states “I never trusted her.”

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