TurboTax The Year of You Commercial

TurboTax The Year of You Commercial
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January 7, 2014


John C. Reilly narrates “The Chinese Calendar said this was the year of the snake, but it wasn’t, sorry snake. It was the year of the you. Think of all you’ve done. Think of all you’ve accomplished. Think about March. Something happened in March. I don’t know what but you know. You were the one who did it. It was your year. You’re the one who made another human being. You’re the one who hasn’t slept in months and was walking around like a zombie. Like a big happy zombie. You’re the one who got married, who found that one person, one, out of like 7 billion, who you’re meant to be with. One! That’s like what spies can do. And they have facial recognition technology. And all you had is a new shirt, but you did it. You’re the one who bought a house, or got a new job, or went on that business trip to Des Moines and bounded with your co-workers in Des Moines like really bonded with your co-workers in Des Moines, and still pulled off the 7am presentation, you! You’re the one who gave your favorite shirt to charity. You love that shirt! But you gave it to someone else who needed it. Yea your wide made you but you did it. You did a lot this year. Nobody knows that better than you. So we think you can answer questions about the things you did. Simple questions like did you get married? Did you have a baby? Did you buy a house? That’s what taxes are, a recap. The story of your year, and that’s why we make the tools we make. That’s why we do everything we do. Because we think you should be the one to tell that story. We think you’re the best person to do your taxes. Intuit TurboTax. It’s amazing what you’re capable of.”

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