Twix Factory Break Room Commercial

Twix Factory Break Room Commercial
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October 4, 2013


At the Left Twix Factory, three factory workers are enjoying their break in the factory break room. One of the factory workers sitting down at the table exclaims “So I told him I need my overtime, I’m putting in a deck.” as another worker is getting his Twix from a vending machine. He opens the Twix package and gets ready to send the right Twix into a vacuum tube (Since the Left Twix Factory is in an epic grudge battle with the Right Twix Factory.) The worker hesitates “You guys ever try one of these bars made over at Right Twix?” One of the workers, reading the paper, responds “Why? Our special cookie is cascaded with caramel and cloaked in chocolate. How good could their right Twix be?” The worker holds the right twix, inspecting it “Never wondered?” He then slowly puts it to his mouth when a security camera turns and sees the worker attempting to eat the right Twix. Before the man can taste the right Twix a huge yellow vacuum tube drops from the ceiling, sucking up the man and shooting him through the air to the right Twix factory. “Try both, pick a side. Twix.”

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