Visa Ned Goes To The Super Bowl Commercial

Visa Ned Goes To The Super Bowl Commercial
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January 8, 2014


Morgan Freeman narrates the tale of what happens when Ned wins 11 tickets to the Super Bowl. “Once upon a time a man called Ned bought some necessities.” Ned is buying things from a convenience store and the clerk tells Ned “You know if you use your Visa card you could win a trip to the Super Bowl for you and ten friends.” Ned agrees and uses his card. Morgan Freeman continues “And an everyday purchase suddenly turned into something very special. 10 Super Bowl tickets for 10 special friends. There was an abundance of happiness. Especially from the knuckle heads at the car wash.” Ned goes around announcing to his friends how they are going to the Super Bowl with him. One friend he makes wear a helmet. As he puts it on he says “Mr. Belichick I’m so sorry. I’m gunna throw up.” Morgan goes on “And at last, the most important ticket of all, was given to Carly from Accounts Receivable. A tale that ended with Ned and 10 friends at the Super Bowl. If you win, who will you bring?”

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