Volkswagen Take On Me Commercial

Volkswagen Take On Me Commercial
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September 22, 2013


A mock of the music video for the song “Take On Me” by A-Ha, this Volkswagen commercial depicts a racing scene, all done in drawn out, sketched scenes that include similar scenes to the Take Me On music video, but include a Volkswagen in the drawings. Basically, a man in a Volkswagen is racing a bunch or motorcycles with passenger cars in what seems to be an epic race. He wins, and a woman is there to celebrate his victory with him, and dance with each other by the car. As it turns out, this entire commercial is the day dream of a man in an office meeting, doodling on a piece of paper in front of him. In reality, he’s been singing the song out loud in front of everyone at them meeting without knowing it. He looks up from his paper, embarrassed “Was that me? Was I singing?” Everyone around him just stares at him, not sure what to think of the sudden outburst.

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