Vonage Crazy Generous Commercial

Vonage Crazy Generous Commercial
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June 14, 2013


In this Vonage commercial, we start out listening to a man, George Basil, (who may or may not be crazy) talking to people passing him by on the street. “Open your ears people! Your phone company’s living in the stone age. Barbaric pricing models, outdated technology. What we need is a company that connects us with generosity.” He turns to a man who’s been listening to him from a coffee stand, and asks him “Is that so crazy, businessman?” The businessman replies, “Not to me. In fact, we should talk.” We’re then taken to a Vonage press conference where the businessman introduces their new Chief Generosity Officer, and the crazy man who was rambling about phone companies earlier steps up to the podium. He starts his speech “We shall no longer let time nor distance keep us from connecting.” A man from the crowd shouts “That’s crazy!” The crazy homeless man replies “Crazy? Crazy generous! See what we did? Turned it around.”

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  • Elizabeth Smuyh says:

    WOW all these people getting their panties in a wad over a commercial.

  • Shannon Shebib says:

    I hate these commercials-they are weird and annoying. I don’t even get their point. I understand the message, but it’s caught up in weird scenarios that detract from point of the ad. Can’t wait until they change their campaign!

  • I agree these commercials are offensive. I mute my TV as soon as they come on. Dirty ill fitting clothing that is frankly disgustingly tight in a very improper way. Scraggly hair and beard. And I can imagine how he smells. This is supposed to entice people to get Vonage? Crazy thinking. Go back to the drawing board and hire a good real advertising agency.

  • Harper says:

    Anyone who interprets this commercial as depicting the homeless or mentally insane in a bad light simply need to see a psychoanalyst. I LOVE this commercial. The main character is not homeless, he is the chief executive officer of generosity for Verizon, and certainly not insane. No one could be insane for advocating what this gentleman is saying: “Give mobile phone users a fair shake.” I think he poses the image of the iconoclast. He is a modern Socrates speaking to the populace on the town square. You recall they accused Socrates of being crazy for talking to the common man and advocating sanity. I wish the best to those who don’t like this commercial or see something sinister here and that you may regain your sanity by seeing the sense of crazy generous. Verizon, thank you for one of the best commercials this decade. I adore it!

    • Frank says:

      Hey Harper…the commercial is for Vonage, NOT Verizon!

    • Melinda S Snyder, MD says:

      this is a disgusting commercial and makes me determined to NEVER sign up for Vonage. I am a medical doctor and I worked with the chronically mentally ill for many years. this commercial may not intend to mock the homeless mentally ill, but it definitely achieves that end. I too grab the remote to hit the mute button whenever it appears. To add to the annoyance, is the fact that Vonage does not have an email address listed so that I can tell them directly, that their advertising is absolutely nauseating!

  • Elizabeth Eades says:

    The “crazy generous” old lady looks like Donald Sutherland. Is it is mother?

  • jenny says:

    please wash and comb his hair and get him some new, clean clothes. This commercial is terrible. I turn it off every time it comes on. You can be “crazy generous” AND be clean.

  • LBird says:

    Its just a commercial folks, I doubt there is a conspiracy going on to make mental health patients or lower income folks feel bad. Nor do I think they have deliberately based anything on immigration reform. Stand up for something really important like condom and Victoria’s Secret commercials being on during the day when kids are watching tv with their parents.

  • Citizen Ghost says:

    I agree these Vonage commercials are tasteless in that they make a spectacle of those who are in a bad way, both in terms of their mental health and their financial status. But the one that starts with the “crazy homeless guy” beating a hole through the office wall with a sledge hammer and the first line is, “Walls separate people, Jose”, is the one that I find most offensive. It is obviously a politically charged, liberalistic statement directed strongly at proponents of comprehensive immigration reform, particularly those of us who want strong border control. First, they choose a Hispanic person, for the obvious set-up of the “Walls” comment which is of course about the building of a wall along the border between Mexico and the US. What the liberals who created this ridiculous ad are conveniently ignoring is that walls also defend people from crime, disease and the misappropriation of tax-payer funded resources. The reality is, we have a real problem in America with mass numbers of people flooding across the borders, including, as it has been proven, Hamas and Al-Qaeda backed operatives, who bring weapons, disease and crime with them. American citizens, such as the Vonage executives responsible for approving this ad series, as well as illegal immigrants who assert the reckless belief in an open borders policy are egregiously short-sighted people. Lack of strong border control has resulted in crime, the spread of disease and the violent deaths of many ranchers and other border town citizens of this country, and yet Mexicans and many Americans believe immigrants from the south should be given free and open access to the US and our resources because they are somehow special over other immigrants from all over the world who have been trying to get into the US through the proper and “legal” processes. I am all for immigration to the US, and I am all for making it easier to do, but it is in everyone’s best interest, including the immigrants themselves that these processes are clear, comprehensive and promote safety for everyone. Yeah, buddy; all this about a commercial advertisement! LOL!

  • DIANNE says:

    I cringe everytime this commercial comes on.. Not only is the guy unkempt, the term crazy generous is so wrong. But the worst is the old lady at the end saying crazy generous.. I can’t hit the mute button fast enough.

  • Karen Bergman says:

    Apparently Vonage thinks ALL people are into reality tv and therefore anything tasteless goes. Sorry, some of us still take showers, keep ourselves neat, and don’t tear down walls just to prove a point. Vonage shows its lack of taste and total lack of compassion by trying to make a hero out of someone who needs intervention. In addition, it is an INSULT to people who may not have the money to keep themselves neat, clean and healthy. Vonage will never contribute a cent to help them, but will definitely make a buck off of them. SHAME ON YOU, VONAGE!!!

  • Justin says:

    Take it easy

  • Cindy says:

    Unfortunately, if Vonage did not mean for the Crazy Generous character to look homeless or mentally ill, he does. This is a stereotype of a homeless person and a mentally ill person. This commercial is distasteful and disrespectful to the homeless and mentally ill people who struggle daily and also have many more stigmas they encounter on top of getting treatment, medicine, help and friends. Vonage should take responsibility and pull all of the Crazy Generous ads!

  • Dennis Carrier says:

    Across the nation, many of the mentally ill cannot find treatment. They’re even turned down for medication at hospital emergency rooms. In my area, Central PA, a patient will wait 4 months to a year just to see a Doctor. Because over 90% of psychiatrists reject new patients with Medicare. Why? The mental health system is being overwhelmed by those with addiction problems. The chronically mental ill, unlikely to have good insurance, are thus turned away. Functioning, employed drunks and addicts take their place. And Vonage releases an ad campaign with the mentally ill homeless character. Absolutely irresponsible and horrible. The insensitive jerks at Vonage apparently have yet to deal with mental illness in their own families. If they did, this ad would not exist. We won’t take care of our mentally ill, but we’ll make fun of them and exploit them. What Vonage reminds me in this campaign is that Corporate America are evil swine.

  • Sally Sunshine says:

    I can’t believe that a company would use a character like this to promote their product. eeeeewwwww
    This character is so believably dirty looking, I can just imagine how bad he smells.

  • Larry says:

    To all envolved in this and most especially the Chief Officers of the company who previewed the first screening of this stupid commercial series……….REALLY!…are you serious!? Haven’t you corporate big shots learned by now, there are some commercials that turn people off to the point of causing them to make personal promise to never buy this product ever! You guys think you have the consumer world by the tail and can do no wrong! Well I think nyou all have been playing wit your own tails, or each others tails for so long that you all have not become CRAZY GENEROUS, but inactuality CRAZY AS $H1TT HOUSE RATS!………..Don’t expect any patronage from me! I hope others folown in my footsteps! You people are frackin crazy stupid!

  • Garrett says:

    As a person living with and suffering from mental illness, I find this new ad campaign featuring a man from the street, unkempt and unclean so as to show him as ‘crazy’ to be very offensive to me and to those with mental illness in general. I’m sure it wasn’t their desire to offend, but it lacks in taste and is, in fact, grossly demeaning to those who deal with mental illness on a daily basis.