Wendy’s Mouth on Fire Commercial

Wendy’s Mouth on Fire Commercial
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December 28, 2013


A man in an office building pulls the fire alarm and runs towards the source of the fire with a fire extinguisher and starts blasting the office with it. The Wendy’s girl, Morgan Smith Goodwin, is sitting in the cubicle where the man was spraying the fire extinguisher. “No wait! I said my mouth was on fire.” Turns out she was just eating a Wendy’s Spicy Chipotle Sandwich, and the man thought her heard her scream fire. Morgan now sits there covered with the contents of the fire extinguisher all over her and her food.

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4 User Reviews

  • Asiago says:

    When the guy is holing the fire extinguisher, it says, “Dramatization – do not attempt.”
    Well that’s just great. I wish I had seen that warning LAST week!!

  • Big Fella says:

    I would have to spray something in her throat to put it out. If you follow my meaning.

  • italia_noir says:

    She’s annoying as all get-out, with that unnatural neon orange hair and high-pitched, nasally voice. Who the heck is this supposed to appeal to, exactly?